Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Goddess Guide

New favourite thing: The Goddess Guide by Gisele Scanlon

This adoreable book is a complete treasure chest of gorgeousness and will make you feel like the goddess you are simply by owning it. Fact.

It's beautiful to look at and delicious to read - filled with advice, tips and 'top secret' locations, take special notice of how Laura Mercer makes up Madonna, how Helena Christensen dyes her hair, Dolce & Gabanna show you how to dress and you can learn how to bargain buy from Ebay to the High Street. If you love India Knight's book, The Shops, you're going to LOVE it. It would be rude not to. Now, I don't know who this fabulous Gisele chick is, but I'd like to, she'd quite possibly be the best friend ever.

It really is fabulousity personified, it's £15 published by HarperCollins - it's the perfect treat to self but is also a great present idea for Christmas - all the possibilities!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

emotional eating

As a life-coach and motivational booster-girl, it's difficult to admit when you have a problem, but I do and it's emotional eating.

It's under control, but it's something that I definitely have to keep in check on a daily basis. emotional eating is now considered to be one of the major contributing factors in the current obesity epidemic. Here are some things I do to avoid reaching for the chocolate bar everytime I feel like life is getting too real lifey...

1. Plan regular meals throughout the day, this will help you to avoid continuous snacking - it might seem boring, but knowing what you're going to eat and when, is definitely a great way to keep your eating in check.

2. Avoid eating little throughout the day and saving your feast for the evening meal. If like me, you binge in the evening, you'll find that once you start, it's very difficult to stop. Eating more throughout the day will leave you feeling much more satisfied and less emotionally needy for food when evening time comes.

3. Be kinder to yourself. Know that quick diets really don't work and the only way forward is a steady, healthy, lifelong eating plan. I know it sounds boring, but while slimming pills and cabbage-only diets can offer quick-fix solutions, they don't deal with the real issues. When we overeat we may think it's for comfort, but we're actually abusing our body, we're telling ourselves we're not goood enough, we're not worthy of being the best version of ourselves. By putting in the foods that will fuel us, make us more alert, awake and alive we're sending our bodies a positive message that we like ourselves and want the very best - we deserve nothing less!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Career Tips

A career, livelifeunlimited-ers, is about more than just doin' a job, y'know.

When you manage a career, you're thinking long term about what you want to accomplish over your work-lifetime. That's got to be more exciting than just strolling through your work day, right?

5 tips for making sure you view your career long term:

1. If you're looking for a new job, the best position to be in is...already in a job. You'll appear more successful to your future employer —and you'll feel much more confident when interviewing.

2. Start a blog. I'm serious! Make it a space that represents you as a person who’s passionate about a specific thing, idea, subject, skillset. Don’t fill your blog with your day’s events, like what you had for breakfast and who you spoke to at the water fountain. Fill your blog with proof of your fabulousity in your chosen area - like tips, interviews and insights.

3. It’s okay to keep going for new positions that are better and more right for you. There used to be a real stigma about how it would look on your CV if you had had more than 3 or 4 job, but times...well, they're a changing. People now have between at least 9 – 15 jobs in a careerspan.

4. Be prepared is not just the motto of the boy scouts, it's for the clued up livelifeunlimited-er too. Continually take classes, read books, and be learning about your field at all times.

5. Get yourself known in your field/industry as the GO-TO person...know you're stuff and most importantly, love what you do.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

On becoming fearless

What are you afraid of? Being assertive? Looking fat? Getting older? Going broke? Are you afraid for your children? Afraid of losing love? Afraid of leading the charge? Whatever your fear, women everywhere confront the same fears every day.

Enter Arianna Huffington, bestselling author, Internet entrepreneur, journalist, mother, and one of the most influential people in America. She believes that conquering fear is crucial to living a full life and to making a difference in the world, and in this powerful and daring manifesto, she inspires us to take on the task.

Huffington is fearless but not by nature; she's had to learn to overcome her fears and relies on these hard-won lessons every day. In her own life and in the lives of women she admires, Huffington has again and again encountered moments of extraordinary strength, courage, and resilience. It is from these moments that On Becoming Fearless is built. Huffington shows us how to be bold from the inside out-from feeling comfortable in our own skin to getting what we want in love and at work to changing the world.

In order to live a happy, fulfilling life, we need to reach the point where our fears do not stop us from daring to think new thoughts, take risks, fail, start again, and, ultimately, succeed. Provocative, empowering, and enriched by the voices of remarkable women everywhere, On Becoming Fearless is the road map to a life without fear-a life of truth, love, and freedom.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

To all Live Life Unlimited-ers who have been encouraging me to update and make regular entries of insight and fabulous inspiration here on the site...I hear ya, I hear ya!

This blog will now be much more active and will include interviews, inspirational quotes, exercises and well...a little bit about me too!

So, Sunday night preparing for the week ahead, what are YOU going to do to live your life unlimited this week? 5 ity bity things you could try are:

Make a Livelifeunlimited 'design for life' map - grab a handful of magazines and find images and words that represent the life you want - mine has books, spas, a house by the sea, a business lady, money - feel free to add your own quotes, drawings and stick a photo of you at the centre. Then, put it some where you will see every day to remind you of your-soon-to-have life!

Do something you wouldn't normally do - take a different walk to work, look up for a different perspective, try a food you've never tasted...

Give someone a compliment - If someone is wearing a cute pair of shoes or has great hair - let them know, you'll make their day and you'll feel fab for sharing the love...

Act on impulse - not the deodourant, silly! If you see a dress you like, buy it! If a friend or colleague asks you to lunch, don't make excuses, just go...

Smile - it really is a cute accessory, you know! It goes with everything and even if you don't feel like smiling, do it anyway - it's hard to stay glum with a grin above your chin!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New YOU!

Happy New YOU!

LiveLifeUnlimited is a new approach to living your life and this space right here will play host to ego boosts, positive thoughts, inspiring quotes and news and views about personal development, happiness and well-being...In fact, everything you will need to make 2006 the year you LiveLifeUnlimited!